3 Reasons Your Business Should Consider Custom Software


Making the investment in custom software is not an easy decision and many businesses overlook the ways this investment can improve their business. Moving from retail software to custom software can allow you more control over how your business functions and help you reach more customers.

Updating Old Systems

If your business currently uses a company-specific program or interface, you probably face many hurdles as technology evolves. For example, many companies continue to use programs that require employees to be in-house to access information. This is often due to the inability for the program to be accessed remotely or the need for the program to run on a specific platform.

Since your company program may require too many contingencies to run, it can stifle changes, such as moving to a remote workforce or the ability to access the program if you experience a technical problem. Custom software development will allow your company to implement the same or similar programs with more versatility. Additionally, as technology changes or the needs of your company evolves, you can have your software investment upgraded to meet these demands.

Boosting Small Businesses

The idea of custom software can seem like an unrealistic investment if you have a small business without the budget for upgrades. Even small pieces of software, such as custom mobile apps, can be instrumental in putting small businesses on the map. With the importance of internet marketing and increases in the number of people who rely on mobile devices as their primary way to access the internet, small businesses can fall by the wayside if they do not invest in technology.

If your business currently has an online store, it may be time to invest in a custom mobile app to make it easier for more customers to make purchases. Having an app can increase your visibility with potential customers, since some may find you while looking through app stores. Customization options give you the opportunity to integrate features that may not be available or are difficult to implement with retail app development software. To compete with larger stores in your area, you may want the option for customers to pick up their items in-store or to have up-to-the-minute information on prices and inventory.

Enhancing Market Research

Whether you have a small or large business, the more information you gain about your customers, the more you can improve your business. It is not enough to rely on analytic information from social media or search engines because it only tells limited information. Imagine implementing software that could give you a comprehensive picture of your market, without always doing surveys or focus groups. Although traditional forms of market research will always be useful, you rely on respondents to be honest about their behaviors and opinions.

You can use search engine analytics to determine which pages on your website are popular based on the amount of traffic, but this is not revealing enough. You may want to know how long visitors stay on specific pages and what actions they take after viewing certain items. Perhaps traffic from one social media platform results in fewer sales than another. Knowing this information might change your social media marketing strategy. This in-depth information is not always easy to collect from retail software or content management system add-ons, but it is also difficult to aggregate information from various sources to view the whole picture of your market.

By investing in custom software you and your team can determine what types of information would be the most relevant to your business and determine the best way to collect this information. You can also change the information you collect as needed. This also frees your business from relying on a platform that may not have every feature you need and could change or cease to exist at any time. Once you have all the pieces of information you want, you can make better decisions about inventory, pricing, and marketing for your business.

Whether you are looking for ways to make your business run more effectively or want to collect information to improve future business ventures, finding ways to obtain more control over your business is a start. Integrating customized software that can be easily updated to your specifications is one method to help your business evolve with your changing needs.

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22 February 2016

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