Online Clothing Retailers: 5 Ways To Optimize Your Paid Search Landing Page


The average American spends around $1,604 a year on clothing, and many consumers now like to buy the latest fashions online. For clothing retailers, paid search is often one of the most effective ways to drive new customers to your website, as you can lure casual and determined shoppers. Find out how to maximize the ROI on your latest paid search campaign with the following five ways to optimize your landing page.

Lure people with an exciting call-to-action

Good landing page design tests different ways to appeal to potential buyers. A call-to-action on your landing page tells customers what they need to do next, but a button that says 'buy now' or 'proceed' isn't the best way to achieve your aims.

Use a call-to-action that stands out from the crowd and responds well to the needs of your target customers. For example, tell customers to 'get the latest look now' instead of 'clicking here', as this will appeal to their sense of fashion. Similarly, if you're trying to tap into a customer's need to save money, use a button that says 'click here to get the best deals'.

Use accurate landing page copy

Paid search campaigns respond well to customers who are 'ready to buy'. This means that the person has a good idea of what they want. As such, these customers have no tolerance to landing page copy that misleads or misdirects them.

Make sure your landing page copy is always completely accurate. If a customer follows a link that says 'best deals on the latest menswear' and the page takes them to ladies' footwear, he or she will almost always click away immediately. Treat every link as a promise, and make sure that what happens to the customer is what he or she expects.

KISS – keep it simple stupid

Even if you offer great products at the most competitive prices, customers want a landing page that's easy to navigate. It's easy to invest in a cutting edge landing page design, but eye-catching imagery and gimmicks won't necessarily impress customers who are impatient to get what your paid search campaign offers.

Simple landing page design is particularly important for mobile users. Nearly two-thirds of Americans now own a smartphone, and these devices are increasingly popular as a way to shop online. As such, you need to make sure your landing page design works equally well on a smartphone. For example, a smartphone user will need to tap a button that a desktop user has to click.

Make sure you have a clear goal

It's easy to clutter up a paid search landing page with mixed messages, but this is a sure path to poor conversion. It's important to remember that every PPC campaign should have a single, clear goal. For example, you would use PPC to drive sales of a new pair of jeans, but you wouldn't use paid search to generally boost sales of menswear

You can run multiple PPC campaigns at once, so you don't need to worry that you are only ever reaching out to a small group of customers. Remember also that once your customers get what they want, you can then use other tools to attract and retain them. Paid search is just one part of the relationship you want to build with customers.

Find ways to handle potential objections

While a simple, uncluttered landing page is important, it's also good to consider (and handle) potential objections that customers may have. For example, customers looking for hard-wearing children's clothes may worry that your products are not durable enough. As such, to counter this objection, you may decide to add customer testimonials from other satisfied parents.

There isn't an ideal length for a landing page. The length and detail of the page will depend entirely on the aim of your campaign. As such, you should carefully consider what your potential customers are thinking, so you can find ways to reassure them.

Customers are increasingly willing to buy their clothes online. Paid search is a great way to lure new buyers, but you need to make sure you have the right landing page for each campaign. For the best results, work with a company that offers digital marketing services to help plan your marketing strategy. 


12 October 2015

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